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I have been working with Coby for a few months, I have really enjoyed his presence, skill, and warm personality.  It's nice to feel that I'm getting good massage therapy while supporting someone I like as a person.  His rates are very reasonable, especially on the monthly massage plan!

— Jeff B.

I  suffer from Fibromyalgia and it was a relief to find someone with experience dealing with that chronic disease in Philadelphia. I have been seeing Coby for several months and he has proven to be a responsible and caring massage therapist. His massages have contributed greatly to alleviating my over-active nervous system. In particular, I like the personal care he gives his patients and his attentiveness to detail when it comes to my overall health. I highly recommend Coby.


I first met Coby early in 2014 when he started working at Heaven spa, where I worked as an esthetican. Immediately I sensed his calm and nurturing presence. The owner of the spa encouraged me to try him out and book a massage with him. He didn't need to ask me twice on that one, I was 8 months pregnant and still working full-time and realized it was a great opportunity to treat myself. 

I need to preface that I have been in the spa industry as a lead esthetician for almost ten years and have experienced several massage therapists-good, bad and just so-so. Many times I feel like I have been spoiled when it comes to massage services and have become very picky. Where many people don't notice the details of what makes a massage therapist great, I feel I do. With that being said, Coby is the real deal. During my massage, I was asked all the right questions at all the right times and his technique was spot-on. I love a massage that combines different types of pressure and modalities and Coby delivered that.  He intuitively understood where and when to apply the perfect pressure and I felt totally comfortable and at-ease with him, which is important when you are a female, especially a pregnant one, receiving a massage from a male.

Coby is a true healer and an asset to any spa or clinic. I have since referred one of my best clients to him and she now regularly receives massages with him and feels as though he is helping her to get back to where she needs to be. Thanks Coby!

— Biba V.

Great experience! I signed up for monthly sessions!

— Chris

Coby did an excellent job.  His technique and pace are very effective.  My upper back muscles feel much better and more relaxed afterwards.  Highly recommended.

— Bill

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